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Primary leaves guaranteed by labor laws are as below:

1. Regular leave and rest day

A worker shall have two regular days off every seven days. One day is a “regular leave” and the other one is a “rest day”. There were limited exceptions for businesses that obtained special permission to redistribute the regular working hours among the days in a week to create a six-day week with shorter individual workdays. But a redistribution only rearranged rest days (i.e., two every two weeks, or eight every eight weeks). One regular leave day every week was still generally required.

2. Annual paid leaves

A worker who has worked continually for the same employer or business entity for a certain period of time shall be granted annual paid leaves on an annual basis:
Period of ServiceAnnual Paid Leaves
6 months – 1 year3 days
1 – 2 years7 days
2 – 3 years10 days
3 – 5 years14 days
5 -10 years15 days
10 – 11 years16 days
11 – 12 years17 days
12 – 13 years18 days
Over 24 years30 days

3. Personal leaves

In the event of matters which a worker must personally deal with, he shall be entitled to normal leave without pay not exceeding fourteen days in one year.

4. Sick leave

When a worker must receive medical service or rest on account of ordinary injury, sickness, or physical reasons:

  • For the non-hospitalized: 30 days(a)
  • For the hospitalized: 1 year(b)
  • (a)+(b) < 1 year.

5. Funeral leave

  • On the death of parent, foster-parent, step-parent, spouse: 8 days
  • On the death of grand-parent, son or daughter, parent of spouse, foster-parent or step-parent of spouse: 6 days
  • On the death of great-grandparent, brother or sister, grand-parent of spouse: 3 days

6. Wedding leave

On wedding day, a worker shall be entitled to eight days of wedding leave with pay.

7. Maternity leave

  • A female worker before and after childbirth: 8 weeks
  • In the case of a miscarriage after being pregnant for more than three months: 4 weeks
  • In the case of a miscarriage after being pregnant for over two months and less than three months: 1 week
  • In the case of a miscarriage after being pregnant for less than two months: 5 days

8. Paternity leave

When an employee’s spouse is in labor, the employer shall grant five days off as paternity leave.

9. Leave for pregnancy checkups

During an employee’s term of pregnancy, the employer shall grant five days of leave for pregnancy checkups.

10. Parental leave

After being in service for six months, before any of their children reach the age of three years old:

  • The period of this leave is until their children reach the age of three years old but may not exceed two years.
  • When employees are raising over two children at the same time, the period of their parental leave shall be computed aggregately and the maximum period shall be limited to two years received by the youngest child.

11. Family care leaves

For the purpose of taking personal care for family members who need inoculation, who suffer serious illness or who must handle other major events, employees may request family care leaves. The number of this leave shall be included into personal leaves and not exceed seven days in one year.

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