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Work Permit for Technical Workers

Author: James Chang 315 views

If a company would like to  hire non-Taiwanese employees for specialized or technical work, there are requirements for both the employer and employee:

1. Requirements for the employer

There are restrictions on the size of business and salary level:

Amount of capital or annual turnover

If the company was set up within a year, its amount of capital must exceed TWD 5 million. When the company has existed over one year, its annual turnover needs to be more than TWD 10 million.

Monthly salary

The company should offer the employee monthly salary at more than TWD 47,971.

2. Requirements for the employee

On the other hand, the focus of the employee’s qualification is on his professionalism:

Diploma, work experience, or license

Generally there are three ways to prove his qualification in the field:

  1. Professional certification; or
  2. Master’s degree; or
  3. Bachelor’s degree with 2-year work experience.

3. Quota and effective period

The number of this type of work permit of a company is not limited. And the effective period is up to three years.

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