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Governance of foreign investments

Author: James Chang 499 views

Due to the tension between Taiwan and mainland China, Taiwan’s government holds strict management over Chinese investors. Prior investment approval is required for all foreign investors, and one of the main purposes in assessing foreign investors is to determine which are Chinese. Any foreign investor considered to be controlled or significantly affected by China will be subject to the strict Act Governing Relations Between Peoples Of The Taiwan Area And The Mainland Area. Therefore, the timeline of setting up the company will be different for investors with different nationalities. From our experiences, estimated timelines for investors with different nationalities are as follows:

Nationality of the investmentEstimated time to set up a company
Taiwanese1~2 weeks
🔴 Mainland ChinaMore than 6 months
🟠 Hong Kong or Macau2~3 months
🟢 Other foreign countries1~2 months
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