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When looking for an office in Taiwan, we should notice:

Registered address vs the place of operation

Theoretically, a company is required to register and disclose its place of operation to the public. Therefore, if, for any reason, a company registers with a “virtual address” and operates at another place, the tax office would pay more attention to the company. Although, in fact, the “virtual address” provided by various business centers in Taiwan are common, we should be aware of the issue. 

Land use zoning

The place of operation should comply with regulations of land use zoning. Therefore, we suggest to check the address before signing the leasing contract.

Withholding tax and supplementary national health insurance premium

When discussing rental with the landlord, related association due, tax and government fees should be clarified. 

Time to sign the leasing agreement

The registered address is not required when applying for investment approval. Therefore, we don’t need to sign the leasing agreement until the last step of registering the company.

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