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Apply for investment approval

Author: James Chang 323 views

Prior investment approval is required for foreign investors. When applying for the investment approval, the investor will be required to disclose the following information:


For corporate investors, this requirement includes disclosure of UBO, certificate of incorporation, date of incorporation, address, contact information, etc. On the other hand, for an individual investor, he may be required to disclose his education and work experience.

Operation in the foreign country​

The foreign corporate investor would be required to disclose its products or services, target clients, number of employees, etc. A holding company without any employee is also acceptable.

Source of funding

Taiwan’s government would request the following information to evaluate the investor’s source of funding:
  • Latest net value (=Total assets – total liabilities = Shareholder’s equity in the balance sheet)
  • Annual sales revenue of recent years
If the proposed amount of investment in the Taiwanese company is more than the parent company’s net value or sales revenue, the investor would be required to explain its source of funding.

Business plan in Taiwan

It includes business scope in Taiwan,  capital amount, financial forecast and budget, employment plan, etc. Concise description is usually sufficient. 

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