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Notarize, apostille, and legalize the POA

Author: James Chang 359 views

When setting up a Taiwanese (subsidiary) company, the foreign investor may need to sign a power of attorney (“POA”) to engage a Taiwanese CPA as his investment agent in Taiwan. Since usually the POA is signed in a foreign country, Taiwan government requires the POA notarized, apostilled, and legalized. The procedures may be slightly different considering different local legal systems:

1. Notarize

Notarization is meant for certifying the investor’s signature on POA is true, and usually conducted by a local Notary Public. The wording is usually as below:
“I, (name), a Notary Public in and for (country), do hereby certify that the attached original POA is true.”

2. Apostille

The purpose is to certify the local Notary Public’s signature is true and effective. It is usually done by local government agency or court. It would usually say:
“This public document has been signed by (name of the local Notary Public) acting in the capacity of Notary Public…”

3. Legalize

Finally, this procedure is to certify the local government agency’s signature is true and effective. This step is processed by Taiwan consulate in the country. It would say:
“Embassy of Taiwan certifies that the signature of ***, officier of (local government agency), is authentic.”

Exemplary POA from a Cayman company

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